Golf Club Labels for
Your Golf Equipment

Club Valet® Features


Our unique combination of materials and custom print method assure a long label life.


Align label with grip bottom and shaft length then roll into place. Easier to read than a wrap-around label.


More than enough labels for a full bag of clubs plus more for your golf gear.


Our labels will remain stuck in place despite exposure to rain, sweat, sprinkler blasts, etc.


Impervious to drenching rain, bright sun and any golf-friendly temperature.


Gold or silver text on a black background -or- black text on a gold or silver background. Whatever suits your clubs!

What People Are Saying

“These labels are much better quality than the older labels they replaced. I affixed them along the length of the club shaft (as recommended), a few inches below the end of the grip so that when the grips are replaced the labels won’t be inadvertently scraped off. The black labels look great against my black Mizuno graphite shafts. Make sure you provide your cell number so that if the club is found, you will have a chance of getting it back before you leave the golf course.”
M W Barlow
A must-have for new clubs
“I just finished labeling my daughter’s golf clubs and the labels looks very nice on them. The labels has her name, phone number, and email address so if she misplaces them, the finder has all the information they need to contact her. The labels look sharp and the quality appears to be great. I am happy with my purchase.”
Quality labels
“Just ordered 5 more sets of labels. These last forever, handle rain and sun under normal golfing conditions and they are visible. I find I put them on all sorts of things besides clubs- my pushcart, my laser/gps unit, even my iPhone under the protective case.”
Great price, customizable and they do the trick- I put them on everything

Frequently Asked Questions

The adhesive we use is among the most aggressive that can be applied to the ultra durable vinyl label material we use. After printing your labels we apply a high gloss polyester laminate to the label surface, which provides additional fade resistance and the greatest possible durability. As a result, Club Valet® labels are guaranteed to be waterproof, fade resistant, and stand up to exposure of most solvents and cleaners.

Your labels should stay tightly adhered to the club shaft and the label color and text should be unchanged. Club Valet® labels are guaranteed to be waterproof.

Lay the club on a flat surface and brace to prevent movement, if possible. With a clean, lint free cloth wipe the shaft area where the label will be applied. Peel one label from the sheet of 24, avoiding contact with the adhesive side of the label as much as possible. Before adhering the label to the shaft, align the label so that the length will go down rather than around the shaft. Lightly place the edge of the label that will be closest to the grip to the shaft. Now push the label down the shaft along the center/middle of the label. Smooth around to edges from top to bottom. Press firmly along the entire label to activate the “pressure sensitive” adhesive. Let stand for an hour before using the club or returning the club to the bag.

Our labels wrap down the shaft for two reasons: first, a longer label allows more room to include your contact information in a legible size and, two, labels wrapped down the shaft tend to stay in place longer and are much easier to read.

Your labels are designed to stay in place for the long term, perhaps outlasting your clubs. However, with some patience, the labels can be removed in their entirety. The adhesive residue left behind can be removed with nail polish remover or any alcohol based product so you can sell or pass down your clubs to family members.